Viva Honduras y su gente, fuera las malas influencias extranjeras!

In a military coup Sunday in Honduras, soldiers descended on the national palace, arrested President Manuel Zelaya and flew him to exile in neighboring Costa Rica.

The entire world must condemn what happened today in Honduras. The President was arrested in front of national referendum when the army does not want referendum to go ahead and wants to dictate and tell people what to do. Pray for the safety of the President!

Watch some of the great photos from a passionate photographer from Tegucigalpa, Honduras who took the streets with his camera and upload some pictures to flickr…. follow him in twitter (@rbreve)

(c) Roberto B (@rbreve )

(c) Roberto B (@rbreve )

follow @alex_cerrato and @diariolaprensa from Honduras for the latest updates…

Watch Tele Sur TV live web stream here:


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