Black Monday

Monday June 15, 2009

Monday at 4:30 pm Arvizu Advertising, the agency where I used to work, due to today’s tuff economy, the global economic hardship, the lack of business and some poor managment decisions, let go of 10 people! Yes, a third of their work force left!!!

For the first time in Arvizu history, they fired people for a different reason other than the usual. The business will stay a float based on the loyalty of it’s clients and I can only wish them the best of luck!

I will keep on working on my own projects and do freelance work till I have enough savings to take a trip south south… Mmmm I’m thinking Chile!

Curious note; After 8 years of working with them, I found out I was getting lay off thru friends at work, my boss didn’t have the decency to call me and let me know until a couple of hours after the announcment… WTF!


4 responses to “Black Monday

  1. Ok – 1st off – am I the only one who comments on your blog? 2 – WTF!? Is Felix gone too?

  2. Jajajaja ya van dos!

  3. Guys!
    Don’t be shy and leave comments!
    Felix is still there busy as hell!!!

  4. y…..que esperabas Leo del liberalismo económico, recuerda que no hay amigos solo intereses.
    te deseo toda la suerte del mundo en esta nueva puerta q se abre.

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